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Through this website, you can stay at locals at your destination. There is no need to reciprocate the service. Sometimes the local can show you around and take you out. The host can also give you the key to their place and let you organize your own schedule. Likewise, you can host travelers in your city! Do you have a couch, bed, or even some floor space? Both couchsurfing and hosting is an enriching experience that costs nothing but creates a lifelong memory and sometimes-friendship.

My experience with CS accounts to more than: I was a couchsurfer 40 times; I hosted 25 times; I have 70 references; I have attended CS meetings in 5 continents; I have found work through CS connections; I have found sports activities and daily trips; I have found love and friends


  • Coushsurfing also holds weekly events. Even if you are not a frequent user, or you are new to town for example, you can come socialize and meet people. The biggest event I have attended was in Rio with 200 people. We each had a name tag. Delicious food and all fun people sharing one interest: Traveling.
  • Fill out your profile and get some references. That always helps!
  • Be aware of hosts with negative references, who request money for your stay, or for creeps. I have had negative experiences (7 being hosted and 2 hosting) but the positive ones outshine everything.
  • Bring a little souvenir for your host! Make a good first impression.


Although I haven’t used this website, it follows the same pattern as CS. However, this site is focused on travelers traveling by bicycle.

Combining volunteering work and travel, this platform gives you the chance to really become one with the locals. I have tried this in Colombia and South Korea, but I wish I discovered it sooner. There are all kinds of activities from farming to graphic design. The concept is: a roof and food for a few hours of work daily. You are not getting paid, but you are saving so much and learning at the same time!


  • You can meet fellow workawayers around you and connect.
  • You need to register to this website and pay a small symbolic yearly fee.


Google: free walking tour *name of the city*

I would say with confidence that 90% of developed countries capitals have a free walking tour. The concept is simple: a local gives you an entertaining tour of the city and you tip them if you appreciated the time spent. Usually a tour lasts 2-3 hours. All tour guides I have encountered were charming, knowledgeable and presented amazing curious facts that not even a citizen of the country knows! I love the free walking tours and I have been on many across: Asia, South America, Europe, and Middle East.

My favorite part is the end! Haha. Not because it ends but because I can ask the tour guide anything- from the cheapest bar to the best souvenir deals. Afterwards, we usually also form a group of people who want to continue the fun and party.


  • Free walking tours also organize cheap Pub Crawls, Food tours, Art tours!
  • So, please, just google: Free walking tour + the name of the city = enjoy!


This is a similar idea but the guide usually takes a higher wage and serves private groups like you and your friends! You can still save $ because this is not a certified guide employed by a travel agency and you can make a friend! For nights out, you can also check out:

Why a vouchers site? Well, because, believe or not, there are a LOT of deals on popular attractions or day trips. Just sort the site to where you are and research. You can see the Burj Khalifa for half the price if you search well. Also, never forget that this is a local tool. You can get really discounted food deals.


If you plan a trip of a lifetime, this is your chance to save big. Do you want to see the whole world? Do you have a year off? Buying an around the world ticket could end up being 80% off all the airfare you would have bought separately. This is a package of 4, 6, more tickets taking you to pre-determined destinations and be careful to respect the timeframe and not to miss your flight. I met people on an Around the world tickets in Santiago, Chile and they said it works very well.


Discounted deals for flights, packages, last moment offers.

Both sites follow a similar idea. They will book you on multiple connections, separate tickets and sometimes airlines, so you can get the cheapest possible price. Prepare for a lot of transfers, don’t be afraid of flying and don’t bring check-in luggage because you will have to recheck it.

Ridesharing is not a new model, but people forget that this exists across the globe!
Perhaps the locals will use another site or a facebook group, but imagine how much cheaper and more exciting traveling could be. I have taken blablacar in North America and Europe and it was always pleasant.


This website aims for hitchhikers.  You could also just hitchhike on the side of the road and I totally embrace and support that but this is a more organized platform. I have only hitchhiked across the Caribbean islands and it was incredible! It warms my heart when people help each other like that. I think I am just unfamiliar with the logistics otherwise. I am not sure how to hitch a ride hence why I haven’t done it more.
But, oh! The stories I have heard. Friends have toured the whole of South America hitchhiking. A girl I met in Maceio, Brazil, from Turkey has done it in the Middle East as well. She also only slept in tents or the occasional CS, but she was indeed a very brave individual. A couchsurfer at my place had hitchhiked from Ukraine to Laos. The savings here can be huge for the patient ones.


  • Please ask a local if it is safe to do hitchhiking in their respective country and most importantly- if it is legal! I am not 1 to follow rules, so my rule is if you see someone else doing it- then it’s a go!
  • In some islands you had to put your index finger to the side. These small difference apparently made a big difference.


I love this website! When it comes to comparing which transportation option is cheaper, this could save you. In some parts of the world, a train is the cheapest, slowest option and in others- a very exclusive method of getting somewhere.

Hmmm, I am not, unfortunately the most adept on this topic. As much as I would love to be a digital nomad, most of these jobs have to do with technology and technology is not my friend. :/ Just look at the speed of which I am maintaining this blog. One day, with your amazing help, this blog will be so mega popular, that I will have the motivation to just go and support myself writing on the road. J One can dream.

However, can you program, code, design, Photoshop, content edit ETC.? Well, through this website, you can accomplish tasks for employers who will pay you and then you got your travel money! Everything is done virtually and payments are through paypal.

There are multiple sites for remote jobs if you do a simple Google Search. I have indeed applied for a few but have had no success yet. Most require you to be in a specific country or time zone tough or to have a working visa for a specific country.  But hell, if you can combine sunbathing and making an income, you are my hero!

Another example for remote work but this time for English teachers. If you are a Native English Speaker, you have a much higher chance, and believe me, they check your accent on the interview. The hours + pay are simply amazing. The students are Asian mainly Chinese. You want to work 10 hours a week and make 25 $ per hour? Yeah, don’t we all! Imagine living in Thailand with this pay, you could be able to afford amazing things.

Meetup resembles Internations and Couchsurfing but it is very popular now. There are social groups and activities for every taste. Hiking, dance, reading club, language exchange, party. I like Meetup but the interface sometimes hides events around you if you aren’t part of the specific groups. Recently, I used it in Prague where there is a weekly Expats meeting or picnic (50 people).

Tinder social

Tinder isn’t only a dating app. On the right side of your swiping options is the Social part of Tinder where groups of friends can match your group and you can all plan an outing together. I have mainly used this feature in Dubai and had a lot of fun! To be honest, I have also used Tinder itself for making friends while traveling and it has worked fine especially in South Korea and Portugal! Try it out 🙂

Couchsurfing hangouts

CS also has a social part just like Tinder where you can form groups and organize a meeting. My experience so far has been a bit chaotic.


  Workway Hitchhike Free Walking Tour Flights/ Deals on attractions and food
  saving on Bed+Food saving on Bus, Train, Public Transport saving on Private tour operated tours
  70$ 50$ 40$ n/a 160$


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