The road back from South America

April 26th, 2016

Have you noticed how South Americans and Latinos love the letter ”S”?

San Jose
Santo Domingo
San Juan

I visited all of them!

Yet the hardest trip I took was the travel back home.

Writing this at the airport. My current trip involves:
Costa Rica->Miami->12 hour layover (praying not to over drink there or get injured since my insurance does not cover the USA)->Montreal.

Not only it was seriously demanding with all these connections and flights but I was also exhausted hangover and dirty.

My jeans used to be white… My socks smell like a rabies radiation…My mind is still wandering around somewhere else. Still faced and numbed by the splendor of Iguassu falls, up in the ancient mountains following Inca tracks, laying and absorbing the sun on the fresh salt flats of Bolivia…where is my mind?
The post travel depression is a serious condition not to be disregarded

Advise for when you start your own personal journey:
  1. Go with the mindset that people are put on this earth to help each other not to be scared of each other.
  2. Be flexible. I wore my yellow shirt as a skirt when I needed an urgent fancy outfit and I am wearing my blue skirt as a shirt when nothing else was clean.
  3. Know when its time to leave. This one is tough…When traveling is becoming more of a tedious obligation and plan-making than an enjoyable social time and when you don’t feel like meeting new people anymore, its perhaps time to go home and put things into perspective.
  4. Think about your trip but don’t miss it. Only take the best of your experiences back with you. Did u see and discover what you aimed to? There’s no need to stretch it on just to prove you can do it. It goes like that with everything. When the smile fades away, its good to give it a break.

Another fun fact and a Bonus vocabulary lesson:

bear- oso
beard- barba
beer- cerveza
bird – pajara


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