The road back from Asia

9 November 2016

My sunglasses canada
My earings south korea
My shorts south africa
My top brazil
My hat laos
My swimsuit bulgaria
My bracelet thailand
My backpack bolivia

So what about me? Where am I from?

I don’t want to travel anymore.

AS the universe has a dark side-Let’s explore The dark side of traveling.

  1. Discovering everything is the same everywhere. Hopeless. All locals I met in every South American country were describing to me their corrupt government and careless politicians. Coming from Bulgaria, believe me, all Bulgarian say the exact same thing. Yet all south Americans claimed their country is The most corrupt of all the world.
  2. The flight delays.
  3. So many health, immigration forms to fill
  4. Landing/entry/exit fees to pay
  5. Directions to take
  6. Not to drown
  7. Not to burn
  8. Not to get an exotic spider bite
  9. Not to waste money but still spend enough to experience the essentials
  10. Oh! And the best and worst of all- people. Such a paralyzing and powerless feeling when confronted with a terrible attitude- for no other reason other than you being foreign and unfamiliar, thus undeserving of a person’s smile, help, attention and effort. But wait. Hello people??? Aren’t we all co-dependent? Why do we act like we aren’t? Like we are Above those things.
    What if You are stuck alone on an island. What will you do? You will expect help. You will HOPE, pray and cry for help. You will depend on it. On someone else.Well, this world is going to hell and I know you all can feel it.
    One by one, the places I visited, like a plague become more politically unstable! It’s so hard to watch this beautiful world fall. I set out to explore this beauty and blend of cultures, yet I see so much More ugliness in it. A Thai man throws his garbage carelessly behind him. A Lao man answers his cellphone and has a long and loud conversation during a classical orchestra performance in the concert hall. …my head is spinning in a whirlpool of examples. A Korean man faints in the metro, no one blinks an eye (I offered him help and assisted to sit him down on the stairs and offered him from my coke but he looked too embarrassed).

    Hmmm, at every corner someone trying to hassle you. So this is the new trend, the fashion, the worldwide phenomenon: Loss of respect, manners, caring, being human.

    Gosh it’s tiring looking for them… Where did the humans go?

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