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Another week has passed but I am no longer alone in my craziness now because Jon, my boyfriend joined me in St. Martin.

  • Initially, before Jon joined, I was couch surfing at a french guy’s place. He was impressive because he has visited 80 countries but he was also arrogant about it. In brief, I left my couch surfing host Romain cause he was a total a$$ liar about going out Saturday night and he kept me waiting and at the end he said he just wants to relax. And to my question “how do I go to Simpson bay and how to get back?” He just laughed and said “make some friends!” I did not leave him a reference and I am getting slowly but continuous disappointment by CS.
  • I still went out with the Bulgarian sailors from the yacht I had met the night before randomly at a bar while I waited for Romain. They were a bit older tough and tired from work …and a foam party after a few drinks appeared too tiring for them, so they wanted to leave and sleep at 12:30 am. I am thankful because they escorted me home and also got me a few drinks. The Bulgarians I met so far in the Caribbeans rock! They said they have been everywhere in the world with their work and for vacations liked Bahamas the best
  • I went to Rakesh s place to couchsurf 2 nights after having this disagreement with Romain. Rakesh is Indian and his Slovak wife left him 5 months ago after cheating on him. Awful! He was fat and sad (his own words lol) but now has started working out like crazy and eating healthy and doing some aromatherapy. He made me some nice vegetarian dishes but also tried to give me a massage telling me it would be better with my top off-ugh … men. To all my readers, not to worry, nothing happened except that he pissed me off.
    Rakesh had two dogs and likes hiking. He kinda convinced me to go hiking at 10PM one night through a forest leading to a beach. It was creepy and we heard some women screaming in the dark- I think they were camping there and telling us to bugger off, Rakesh got scared so we went back.

I am glad I saw different parts of the island although my two hosts were both not exactly right in the head.

  • I also had time to see one of the contacts from Bernard in Las Terrenas, the DR. It was a bar owner and they were glad to have me and to hear about Bernard and his life in the Dominican. 5 old french and Italian men. They offered me some drinks but to my surprise they made me pay afterwards and were not as nice as Bertrand convinced me. Ughhh. I am not so cheap but this island is extremely expensive and they were the ones who forced me to get a drink! One of the men gave me a ride to the beach and then took me halfway to Rakesh ‘s place. He was very silent and awkward but very nice.
  • The day has come and I packed up, made a cute Welcome sign for Jon’ s arrival and went to Maho beach at the bar to see the French people again and color my sign and hopefully get a ride to the airport (20 min walk but feels so much longer with my backpack! ). I got a ride from some french women.
  • Okay! What matters is that Jon is here. I am really glad. Not only do I feel safer, but I am so happy to share these adventures and also headaches with someone Lol. He is an amazing travel companion because he is so calm and hardly gets angry at taxi drivers trying to screw us for money. We do agree on one thing tough….it is so frigging expensive here. Hopefully the other islands are better. Jon gave me a beautiful bracelet for Xmas!

Christmas Eve on a Caribbean island 11:30pm

Me and Jon in a bar outside at Simpson bay. Its Raining . ”American pie” playing on the radio. I eat eggs . Jon eats burger . Only the drunk owner and two drunk Americans on the other side of the bar. Waw….am I in a movie?

Me and Jon had a calm Xmas. We saw Star Wars which sucked. I give it a 3/10. We did laugh a lot during the movie tough cause I had all the jokes in the world then. I was on fire! Example : “waw, are they all related in this movie?!?” The characters should all sit down on a Xmas dinner and figure out Who is Who’s father. Lolol.

On 25th, we started the day with a couple’s fight

And then went to Maho beach where Jon had some private jet captains family friends who were watching the planes. I later Skyped with all my family or at least iI tried… it is so strange to spend the holidays away from my relatives. I missed them so much and I was in a crappy mood. On 25th night, Jon convinced me to go out and we ended up having great fun at a karaoke place.

We stayed the 1st night on a catamaran from Air bnb at the sea and it was a different experience. Wowza. I am not a water child at all… then we moved to Our hotel. It was magical, right at the beach in Grand Case. Really romantic.

Important emotional states:

Faith in humanity lost lately: all taxi drivers tried to screw us over for 2 $ on Christmas!!! Shame on you! Two damn dollars…..people in St. Martin are on their way to hell.

In a Nutshell:

  1. Maho beach is the famous beach where all airplanes land. Super entertaining to see and to chill there all day. 
  2. Marigot is the French capital here, a small super expensive place with 2 marinas. Beach is kinda far. We did find a Shawarma for 7 euros tough. Great success!
  3. Philipsburg is the dutch capital although no one speaks Dutch. Nice for clothes and souvenir shopping. The beach is very pretty. All cruise ships park here.
  4. Bay Nettle is more calm and the beach is also beautiful. It is not far from Donald Trump’s villa on the island. 
  5. Pic Paradis is the highest peak of the hills. Amazing views and some hyper expensive villa with Canadian mysterious owner on top. And SO MANY BUTTERFLIES.
  6. Grand Case is the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Do not expect cheap dishes here as well. The water is crystal blue and calm. French Airport is near by.
  7. Oyster Pond. Most dangerous isolated place on the island. Poorer neighborhoods and no public bus
  8. Orient beach. Overrated tourist beach with many bars and Jewish teens all looking like Adam Sandler, even the girls. But there was a huge beautiful rainbow.
  9. Simpson bay. Nice marina with hyper big yachts. Sailors parties and many bars and international restaurants. The cinema is also there.

    Let downs: 

    -It is a beautiful island with many beaches, but you do need to hire a car and ….be rich 🙁
    -The party was pretty lame!

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