Saint Lucia

January 16th 2016

Oh Boy…


Arriving in Saint Lucia came as a shock. What a polluted port!

  1. We met up with Lyz at one shopping mall. She is around 50 and is really bubbly outgoing and fun. She is from Barbados and is Rihanna’s cousin (don’t be shocked, everyone is related around the islands!), her daughter is also a Miss Universe from 2006. I immediately thought she looks like an older Rihanna lol. With the same nose and eyes. Lyz is such a party girl, she parties more and drinks more than all her 3 children. She told us stories that she used to hitch plane rides very often before 9/11 and like that she traveled quite a lot. Her husband is a diplomat’s son and when she went to visit him in Barbados all the yellow press had her in the headlines for partying way too hard. Haha. Love her! Now her children live in Barbados and Dubai. Lyz usually hosts from airbnb but the bedroom was free for a while so we were free to come there for one more night after our 2 nights in a hotel in Soufriere that I booked for us because of the view of the 2 pitons. (popular travel photo is of Jade hotel but, our hotel was not 1000$ a night, it was 95).
  2. Lyz told us that at the Marina there is a street party that first night and we went to check it out but there were only some restaurants. We got a beer and went back home to relax.
  3. Next day we proceeded back to Castries-the capital- and then to Soufriere which is pretty far actually and the road is the same as old Dominica, full of 360 degree turns and high mountains.

Soufriere is a little gem village in a bay next to the two Pitons.

  • Pitons are very pointy mountains that look very much alike. The diving site under the small Piton is called The Superman flight because it is mega steep and it is also a scene of the Superman movie Man of Steel. At 8 pm before we left our hotel room, we received a call from reception if we are okay. This was strange…
  • Since it was the weekend, we went out and I got talking to a local Trustar?Chester?!?Chusta?? who followed us around through the weekend lol and took us snorkeling for a bit.
  • So Friday night was crazy because Trusta’s friend who lives in Sweden usually was leaving next day so he was buying us loads of drinks, he was super drunk, and he was teaching Jon how to dance gangsta and he was having a goodbye party at his house. So me and Jon went to the house, got drinks with some Saint Lucian gangstas and then I wanted to go to karaoke. Trusta asked me: so you and Jon…uhh, he is your friend right?? And I said: uhhh, no Jon is my boyfriend (duh!)
  • Next morning Jon could not find his wallet in his backpack and he thought this mysterious call is related to its disappearance. He asked reception if he can see the CCTV recordings and they said it is not allowed but they saw them and nothing is on there. I checked Jon’s suitcase because he is notorious of losing his things twice a day and his cell phone about every 2 hours. But the wallet was really missing. Inside were just sim cards from around the world and his driver’s license and a bank card.
  • We proceeded to check the botanical garden and the waterfall inside it anyway. We have had enough of nature in Dominica, so the other waterfalls, sulphur hotsprings, volcano beds…didn’t really excite us. We just needed to relax and have a romantic time.
  • The botanical garden was amazing, and the waterfall was the most beautiful one so far. The different minerals make the water and the rocks many different colors. A Canadian couple was there. Goodness gracious- they were so so old, could barely walk but were smiling So wide and exploring the gardens. P.S. A very common tree that is extremely poisonous used by Bulgarian police, but when boiled- it’s our castor oil.
!My toes are still hurting every second day for about 1 hour when I walk. As I am writing this I have bought anti-inflammatory and some cream for arthritis. Let’s hope it helps.
  • Then we went snorkeling but the visibility wasn’t so good. The beach was also kind of dirty…and the water as well. On this island people don’t clean at all. Still saw some strange fish, bubbles, and brain corals. This harbor is the deepest in Saint Lucia. Many children were jumping from the rocks for money. After this we watched Wall-e and fell asleep. Not much to do in Soufriere on a Sunday except church.
  • Next day we packed again for the 1000 time to go back to Lyz. On the way there we went to the markets in Castries to get magnets. Back at Lyz we relaxed and then took her out to a dinner and drinks. It was great. She talked about how her daughter had a great chance of winning Miss Universe in China and Miss World in California but the organizers told her frankly that another country has invested more into the contest so politically she won’t win. Ugh, what a bunch of BS all those contests are! She then took us to a David Bowie memorial party her friends were organizing. The party consisted of 2 miserable people drinking wine and talking about David Bowie, so we left shortly after.
  • At night, Jon checked his suitcase again and Tadam, the wallet was there…ugghhh. What happened? Where did the wallet travel …no one will know. Nothing was missing but this was so weird.

Lyz dropped us off at the airport next day and honestly- no regrets.

I think we have seen enough of Saint Lucia, ate local food, met some cool people and listened to good reggae. I think the island has a lot to offer, nice beaches and also many activities and day trips, however- it is a pricey island!


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