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I knew if yesterday was a lucky day, today something ought to go wrong!

Boy…was I right? I woke up not being able to move my neck sideways at all. It is such a pain. Even writing, well…typing, comes as a difficult task. This is one of the most annoying body problems because no matter when I will rest my neck, it will be uncomfortable. And forget about trying to sleep…
Then, I wanted to arrange my sister’s photo and there was a domino effect avalanche of things that all fell on my foot.

But yesterday…oh it was so wonderful! I got paid for my first published article, I got reimbursed for some airline mistakes, my mom left an amazing mint chocolate for me, I prepared a healthy salad and did my abs challenge (day 9) and talked for a whole hour with my boyfriend (he is in Laos, we have an 11 hours difference!).



A Turkish professional football player, a 5 Grammy Hollywood music producer winner, a tour operator, a guy who gets piercings as souvenirs from visited countries, a stripper model, a renowned beach photographer, a competitive graffiti artists, a Dominican arts festival organizer, a male nurse, an air hostess, a Mauritian cruise photographer, a touring¬†guitarist, an Indian wine producer, ¬†a Colombian tequila producer, a Vietnamese fashion designer, an African bush pilot, champion in kite boarding and cancer survivor, an acro-yoga master who works with the Dalai Lama!, a boredpanda featured Chilean tattoo artist, Bulgarian yacht engineers and crew traveling the exotic islands, a south Korean soldier, a British DJ, mega yacht salesman to the stars, Belgium music festival organizer, a Czech para glider, a Norwegian beard model, a Dutch raves light engineer…


No, you are unlikely to meet all these people in one room or in your backyard.




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