Art Gallery

Welcome to my Gallery.

In July 2017, I met a person who read the struggles on my face and gave me the most precious advice. It’s something that I needed to hear:

It doesn’t have to be Perfect.

Wow. It really doesn’t! Waiting for my drawings to be perfectly edited might never happen. (please apply this advice to everything in your life!) Good enough is good enough. And, damn it- they are better than good. I am giving this a go and letting destiny decides how to make use of them!

Welcome to this joyride into my imagination. It’s a mix of Big Fish, Narnia and the 5th Element. I began doodling in boring classes or in the office, then on the beach, in the park, talking on the phone with grandmas, for people’s birthdays… Inspiration is everywhere! My latest drawings are darker tough, I even drew a decapitated woman! UGH. Colors of the mood.

I love black gel pens and thin-point markers.

This is the first raw, minimally edited Edition 1.0 of my drawings. I will display only a limited amount of my huge portfolio of 300 drawings.
I also did comics, fashion designs and an interior design of my perfect house!

I love design <3

A white page stares me down
Snowflakes on sheep skin, wool, shaving foam, purity of mind

If you could shape anything, what would it be?
Try something that doesn’t exist.

Floating decapitated head,
We will all be fish food when it ends

*Please note that this is private intellectual property*