”Argentina stands high… on a fake platform”

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The first week in Argentina for me was an ugly shoe. The kind of post-apocalyptic shoe that looks retro Japanese mixed with the Spice girls thick platforms and sparkles. Who would wear that?

Let’s find out.

Let me begin this first article with a little Prequel. I am realistic enough to spot everything that is downside up in the countries I visit. If something is dysfunctional, I will report it to you. You will think I focus on the negative and I don’t enjoy my trips, while in fact I am a very positive person, but hey, at least you will be warned.

I began my trip in late November of 2015. I went through the Caribbean islands, down to Brazil, and now I find myself in Argentina. My adventure is ought to last an approximate 6 months after which, I plan to move to Asia. I am just a regular girl…just kidding! I am nothing but ordinary. I was always an outsider, way too creative to even try to fit in.  We moved a few times, so I have no bff aka best friend forever. I get along much better with guys. I love caves, modern architecture, crisp white angular white buildings that look like from another planet, fashion, cats and dogs, crazy colored hair, grandmas, sky bars, trying strange food, imagining that I am a perfect dance choreographer, etc. And what I don’t love, you will find out soon enough!

My traveling style is a bit insane. I do mainly couch surfing which is the most rewarding thing since traveling was invented and I am very sociable. I love to make people laugh, to dance and organize activities. I don’t plan a budget and I should not. I noticed, as soon as you start worrying about money- you shall run out of money. So, please, if you are reading this now and you are filled with doubts whether you should travel, there is only one answer and you can find it in all the motivational travel quotes. There are always excuses. Just use the same philosophy as going to the gym. Is it needed? Is it good for me? Is it easy to start? Will I regret going to the gym? I am sure you can answer all these questions without lying to yourself.

Argentina in its colonial times.

It didn’t begin well for this country. A couple of hundred years ago, the only interest the Spanish showed towards the territory of Argentina was because of a gossip that the rivers carry silver in abundance. When they discovered the sad truth, they just created the city of Buenos Aires as a port to get the gold from Bolivia easier hence why a citizen of the city is called a Porteño.

Over the course of the years, Argentina has had a huge earthquake, a couple of scary military dictatorship including prison camps, kidnappings and 30 000 murders, public corruptions causing riots and tear gassed babies, inflation of 500% from one year to another, 5 presidents in 10 days, 4 different 100 pesos bills and millions of forged notes, anti Semitic terrorist attacks and … the new fashion trend: the Mule mega platform shoes.

Even today, as recent as this week, I witnessed a massive protest and military police with anti riot gear standing by expecting the worst. Do not be afraid, this is by no means a warning for you not to travel here. The public demonstrations just showcase how tired the people are of incompetent politics. Argentina is perhaps the only country who had a former prostitute as a president in the not so distant 1974. The grandmothers demanding justice for their kidnapped daughters still reassemble every Thursday since 1977 at plaza de Mayo and are a growing pressure in the parliament. Enough politics. This topic is not even closely as shocking as what I found out on my first walking tour around the capital.

This for me is the biggest fashion crime ever committed in the 43 countries I have visited. (Yes, you can expect 42 more articles!). Curious to investigate the origins of the trend I inquired to my couch surfing hosts who is a 28 year old banker.

K:Hello Augustin I wanted to ask you about the new trend of shoe wear in Argentina. What is your opinion on that and how did that start?

A:I am Not sure I think that the retro fashion is coming back or maybe the fashion from the 70’s in Europe has finally gotten to Argentina but I can tell you that I really don’t like it and I don’t find it sexy at all. I think only brainless girls can wear this.

I wanted to get another male opinion so I asked my second Couch surfing host, an anesthesiologist named Federico.

K: Hi Fede! Can you tell me what you think about the new fashion trend: the platform shoes?  It is difficult for me to find different shoes when I go shopping to the mall.

F:I have been also seeing that everywhere and I have to say it’s very unattractive. I think the girls only buy those shoes to make themselves look taller but it’s becoming very ugly and we as guys don’t like the girl to be taller than us.

On the streets, in the supermarket, at work and mostly at the club the girls torture themselves with these 20 centimeter platforms without realizing they all end up looking like clones (or clowns on stilts).

I don’t know about you but I can connect this to this country’s current situation. The young people are lost and they have lost their identity. It is not for me to judge how people should dress but you are invited to look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

It’s not like I haven’t tried to be open minded and accepting. I went shopping with my friend from Wales because I really needed to update my wardrobe…after traveling 3 months I am very tired of my clothes. I went to one shoe shop and after laughing for a while, I tried the highest platform shoe they had; 15 cm & it wasn’t expensive -around 30 USD. In fact they were very light and it was easy to walk on them. I felt more confidence but I also felt like an Avatar.  I was standing out too much, they give me a bird view. I suppose they would be useful going to the Maroon 5 concert in a few days and spotting the sexy singer on stage. Thankfully my friend woke me up from my daydreaming… I think I was getting the effect…

I’m sure you all had it before: when you are bored and really want some love in your life but haven’t seen any potential guy, you are just starting to like whoever is on the horizon because it’s easier. Needless to say, I quickly took the shoes off and continued on my way.

Argentina is a great wine exporter and brought us the sweetness of dulce de lece, but Argentineans, please don’t do politics, please keep away from economics and I beg you… don’t introduce any fashion out of your borders.

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