Did you know about the Christmas winds of Anguilla? Anguilla is a piece of rock with no natural resources. The locals had to sail to the Dominican Republic and cut sugar cane for work. After 8 months of labor, the Christmas winds would be their only guide to take their boats back home to Anguilla.

Anguilla is the same size as Saint Martin but has only 15000 inhabitants as opposed to 75000 for its neighbor.

Naomie our Couchsurfing host was too busy with church events and visiting her sister that she just gave us the key. In Anguilla there is no public transport and no roads really, but every single person we met there was an angel. We hitch hiked our way around and out of the blue we met Susan. Susan took us to her flat,made us lunch, poured the wine,took us to 4 beaches, dropped us back home.

Next day- she made us breakfast and drove us to the ferries. She is a retired 68 y.o. american lady who is spending 4 months of the year in Anguilla. She just asked us to pay the gesture forward. Faith in humanity restored to 110%. Susan was witty, funny, knowledgeable, so selfless, so kind!!! She said we can stay at hers anytime. Oh Susan, if we only knew, we would have came to Anguilla much earlier.
Thanks to Susan, we discovered a lot of the island and also typically my style, we sneaked into a hotel and took advantage of drinks and buffet.

In this heavenly unexplored island ( I hope it stays this way)… I thought as we watched the sun go down on our fold-able chairs that Susan provided.

Maybe only one negative! For the first time EVER in my trips-I could not buy a fridge magnet in Anguilla because they were 8 euros!

An arrival and departure tax needs to be paid at the port as well.
Oh! Be aware that it’s a rocky ride. Always sit at the back of the boat if you don’t want to see vomiting people.

Anguilla Fun Facts:
  1. they build pretty much the only sidewalk specially for the queen when she visited for 23 hours, 20 years ago.
  2. this is where, on Rendez vous bay , Brad Pitt broke up with Jennifer cause he fell for Angelina
  3. Tiger Woods celebrated his bday on the yacht at Rendez vous bay, etc.

So, we went from Anguilla back to St. Marteen on the ferry to take our flight to Guadeloupe where we were to celebrate New Years. The airport in Grand Case was nothing but a hangar and the airstrip was so so short heading straight to some big hills. Scary!

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