“damn girl …you are creating your own world .. designing and shaping it according to the flipping frequency of moods in your brain !!”

  • 27.
  • Born in Bulgaria.
  • Grew up in Canada.
  • Studied in Italy.
  • Worked in Prague.
  • LivedĀ in Laos.
  • Lived in Dubai.
  • I speak 5 languages and before this begins to look like a dating profile…let’s focus
  • šŸ™‚ I began traveling in 2010Ā inĀ Rome. Since then, it was difficult to stop!
  • In my blog, I will introduce you to the raw aspects of Travelling alone and on a budget.
    I will lay out the negative and raw aspects of my experiences! At least you will be warned.
    But also, I will describe the positives of locations that surprised me. Let’s break all stereotypes together.
    You will Definitely notice my insane and once in a lifetime encounters and adventures.

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